Yi Market

Shanghai, China   |  12000

TimelineApr. 2018 - Apr. 2019
ClientShanghai Pudong New Area real estate trading market Co., Ltd
CategoryShopping Center

About Project

Yi Market is located on the B1 floor of Orient Yide City. The design is inspired by the concept of「The Hidden Forestry Underworld」. The designer composes light and shade through the intervals of the “Forest foliage”. About 12000 m² market space is feathered under the dazzling effect. Streets and lanes, plazas, stores and the giant escalator at the entrance of the market are all covered in shimmering, of the turbulent flare of Forestry.

The Uniqueness

When entering the atrium of Yi Market, we will encounter the “Fortitude Wall” on the side, which stands through the above- and under-ground, aligning with the 35-meter-height escalator, as if a magnificent scenery of rocks and crags. The halo of twilight penetrates the “rocks”, taking us traveling among the woods.

The Challenge

How to introduce customers to this hidden, narrow-lane underworld and to attract them to linger for longer, was a big challenge facing the designer.

The beams and columns grow freely in the towering space as ancient arbors.

Market Plaza

The halo of twilight penetrated through “rocks”

The scattered stores are feathered under the sunshine and umbrage of the forestry.