Vita: The Fortune Bridge

Zhengzhou, China   |  1100

TimelineNov. 2016 – Jan. 2017
ClientXintian Group
CategoryMultifunctional commercial space

About Project

The project is located on the Shopping Boulevard of Vita Rive Gauche in Zhengzhou, China.The architect is aiming at taking the advantage of its traffic to build a zone in commercial use yet fulfilled with unique experience scenarios.

As the main lead into the Shopping Boulevard, the bridge represents the architect’s hope of providing the youngsters with emotional support. It is thus defined as “the Fortune Bridge”. The bridge of fortune locks onto your happiness!

The Uniqueness

To amplify the function advantage of this bridge, brand new arrangement in terms of inner function settings are equipped as well, A central walkway through the symmetrical bridge holes on both sides ,which exhibits the multi-space system. Including: Daily Leisure function, Festival Gourmet Street function, Cultural Activity function etc. Different time periods, different functions ,The pedestrian passage, which was normally a single-channel traffic function area, will be updated into a multi-function space and bring extensive values to the project.

The Challenge

The challenge in this case is how to increase as much commercial space as possible on a limited traffic line. As an extended space of the Shopping Boulevard, it bears functions more than what there was when simply served as the bridge itself. This property of suggesting an infinite space beyond, gives more possibility of new commercial patterns to develop.

Daily Leisure function

Festival Gourmet Street function

Festival Gourmet Street function

Spatial Detail