Vita Green Block B

Zhengzhou, China   |  1,2000

TimelineJan. 2017- Dec. 2019
ClientXintian Group
CategoryShopping Center

About Project

VITA GREEN BLOCK B is a community mall located in the west part of green city Zhengzhou. VITA GREEN is profoundly green by its gene. Apparently, it wishes to be the ecological and fashionable place where people feels like gathering and interacting with each other, bringing a life style that influences the life circle beyond. Comparing to the independent commercial existence of block A, it focuses more on the flow of emotion, creating sensory inspirations beyond daily routine, willing to become a community where people connects.

With its extraordinary compatible space, this community mall can contain spaces of various forms and capacities, unleashing creative thoughts and providing the visitors with more casual, friendly vibe of communication and interaction.

The Uniqueness

The design concept comes from Illusive Forest. Designer adopts design elements including columns like tree trunks, and wire-net meshes like tree leaves, which have constructed the facade of almost the whole shopping mall, creating intense visual impact. Light is led into the interior through stained glass windows on the roof, conjuring up an imaginary quodis arcana of light and shade.

The Challenge

How to guide passenger flow with light, and to create transparent space of illusive lighting experience is one of the challenges facing the designer.

Led by the inspiration Illusive Forest, the designer combines art and technology, forging a feast of light and shade like a quodis arcana in nature. A forestry and glamouring community thus comes into being, promoting the interaction between neighbors and lightening up our ordinary days……

Aerial Rendering