News 2019-8-31

ARIZON DESIGN Won Interior Design Prize in Taiwan Interior Design Awards 2019

On 31st August 2019, in Tainan city ——the ancient city of 400 years on this pearl island, the origin of Taiwan culture, where Zheng Chenggong succeeded in banishing the Dutch……Taiwan Interior Design Award 2019 ceremony took place. In the event, heads crowding in Tainan Art Museum and interior design practitioners across Asian Pacific gathered here……the same family of ancient ancestors brought the participants from lands separated by rivers and seas closer, understanding each other with friendliness, passion and the will to learn, discussing about the past and future of this industry. The generosity and acceptance of Chinese is beyond praise.

Tainan Art Museum under the sunshine of Tainan city, glamouring

When stepping into the museum, the dominant black creates an indifferent ambience, which is a complete disparity from the heat wave outside

The chief of Tainan Culture Bureau Ye Zeshan introduced “Tainan” with charming humor

The committee also exerted effort arranging traditional local performance,on appreciating which we visitors from faraway were deeply moved by the inheritance of culture heritage here

Mr.Ji Yutang delivered a speech representing the international reviewer committee of TID

Fortune Bridge gained TID prize in public space category

Mr.Elson Shen and Mr.Ji Yutang takes picture closely

By participating competition, we encouraged ourselves to learn, to grow, and to see our weaknesses from the competitors’ view, to keep us fight in the front line

The dinner party was of uttermost joy, and the every participants rose the glass to cheer.As fellow practitioners in design industry, people were tacitly drawn together, appreciating the Beauty of Tainan’s nightsky

From burning daytime to the curtain of night falling, this gala was full of heartfelt exchanges and levels of jollification. We stride together, holding on to the current meaning and fight with craftsmanship passion

About TID Interior Design Awards

An important domain where the modern Chinese lifestyle and regional culture is studied. Beyond forging the design innovation mindset of the elites in Taiwan design indsutry, it is the most important platform for observing the interior design development in China, recording and observing design works from both mainland and Taiwan. Various faces of the modern “living space” were demonstrated.

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