News 2019-6-28

ARIZON DESIGN Won 1 Gold and 2 Silver, 3 Prizes in Total in Italian A’DESIGN AWARD 2019

In the evening of 28th June 2019, Italian timezone, by the beautiful Lago Como, 2018-2019 A’DESIGN AWARD blossomed, with hundreds of participants from over 50 countries gathering here with joy. The atmosphere was beyond jubligation and no seats spared.
ARIZON DESIGN broke through sieges, wining 1 gold and 2 silver with Dezhou Inzone, Shanghai Joy City Kid’s World, Vita Fortune Bridge projects.


Await for the blossom of flower

ARIZON DESIGN Mr.Elson Shen receiving the award on stage

Glory as well as motivation

Stamp at the organizer’s “Oscar” photo booth. Conscientious heart and craft deserves cherish

About Italian A’DESIGN AWARD

Italian A'Design Award &Competition is the largest and most comprehensive design competition, the award of which will be issued to the best design, design philosophy, product and services.This competition was developed after a scientific research study based on prior analysis of thousand other design competitions. Competition takes place every year and is open to all individuals, teams and companies globally, and both conceptual designs and completed ones are allowed to participated.A'Design Award &Competition aims to provide an international competitive platform for companies, designers, innovators from all design fields, to showcase their works to audience all over the world, to attract suppliers, media and buyers globally as well. At the same time, the competition support the global design culture, encouraging participants to create exceptional designs and to build for a better future.

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