News 2018-11-22

VITA RIVE GAUCHE&VITA-THE FORTUNE BRIDGE Won Two Prizes in A&D China 2018 In the middle of this month, at the ceremony held for Architecture and Design Awards China 2018 (A&D China 2018)

in the Four Season hotel in Shenzhen, ARIZON DESIGN competed against international industry practitioners with Vita Rive Gauche and Vita Fortune Bridge, and exceeded the other more than 1000 participants, winning the A&D China 208 Architecture Best landscape-Best Of Category and interior Design Best public space.

ARIZON DESIGN winning Best Of Category

ARIZON DESIGN winning Best public space

The ceremony in banquet hall at Shenzhen Four Season hotel

Top-level Review Committee

Chief Executive Peter Jeffery giving speech on opening

A&D China 2018 Committee congratulates

ARIZON DESIGN winning two grand prize after fierce competence

The “glamorous” landmark, award as well as motivation……

About Architecture and Design Awards China (A&D China)

TheArchitecture and Design Awards China is organized by magazine. The magazine has established fame with organizing A&D Trophy Awards continuously for 14 years, receiving full support from Asian, European and American industry leading figures, and has been the top recommendation from industry practitioners. The A&D Award established this year aim to give recognition to outstanding architecture, interior design and product design. The reviewer team is composed of plenty of domestic and international professionals, evaluating the winners that can create up to the title.

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